•  Repairs and preventive maintenance.
  •  Single or multi-modality service plans.
  •  Flexible, on-demand biomedical support.
  •  Block-of-time technical service.
  •  Dedicated onsite repair and maintenance.
  •  We sell high-quality biomedical equipment.

Medical Equipment

Connected logistics, maintenance, reprocessing, and management services to bridge the gaps within hospital networks and drive savings


Ability to analyze complex technical information and rectify and implement innovative ideas.

Repair & Maintenance

Critical Equipment Services


Pulse oximeter


Infusion Pump


Anesthetic Machine

Glucose Meter

& Non-Critical Equipment


IBP Transducer Kit

CVP Catheter Kit

3-Way Stop cock with Extension

Tracheostomy Tube with Cuff

Ventilator Oxygen Sensor

NIV Face Mask

3 Ball Spirometer

PFT Mouth Piece & Filter

Laryngoscope Blades with Handles

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

Catheter Mount

Infusor Pressure Bag


Vacuum Suction Set

Abdominal Drain Kit

Foley Catheter

Closed Wound Suction Unit

Kehr's "T" Tube


Thoracic Trocar Catheter

Thoracic Chest Drainage Catheter

Suction catheter

Uretheral Catheter

IV Set

Micropore & Porous Plast Tapes

Cap & Face Mask

Ryle's Tube & Skin Stapler

Examination & Surgical Gloves

ESU Accessories

Diathermy Pencil

Bipolar Forceps

Mono Polar & Bipolar Cables

Disposable & Reusable Patient Plate

Monitoring Accessories

ECG Cable

SPO2 Extension Cable

NIBP Cuff & Extension Hose

BP Apparatus Spares

ECG Accessories

ECG Clamp

ECG Electrodes

ECG Paper Roll & Gel

Medical Lamps

Oxygen Regulator

Vacuum Jar With Regulator

Other Equipments

Convective Warning Machine

Blood & Fluid Warmer

Suction Machine


Mavig Aprons

Oxygen Concentrator &
Portable O2 Concentrator


MRI Safe Syringe Pump & Pulse Oximeter


Anaesthesia Apparatus


Nebulizer & Pocket Nebulizer

Remote Patient Bed

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Hospital Curtains

Our Expertise

We are the best in the industry and are not afraid to say it. We provide biomedical services across the country with impeccable medical equipment repair service, and we will continue to do so for a long time. Let’s get started on making your life easier.

01. Optimized Equipment

Optimized Medical Equipment Availability.

02. Coordinated Service

Clinical engineering program that provides coordinated service.

03. Valued Services

We deliver value through our commitment to maintaining and repairing hospital equipment to the highest industry regulation.

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