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Best Biomedical Services in Tamil Nadu – SKBiomedical. Our experienced, local technicians provide a broad range of service and support capabilities to fit the specific, biomedical equipment needs, staffing challenges, and goals of your hospital:

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Protect your patients by ensuring biomedical repairs and maintenance meet industry-leading quality standards

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Simplify regulatory reporting and inform equipment acquisition plans

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We ensure that we’ll provide First Quality service for all Types of Biomedical Instruments. And we provide Good Customer support 24/7.

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We are becoming a preferred source for biomedical support because of the quality of our technicians and the flexibility of our offerings. But equipment contracts and supplemental staffing alone don’t address vendor standardization or control capital costs. We offer an approach called Equipment Value Management (EVM) that fixes processes within your hospital to multiply cost savings and deliver valuable clinical improvements

“How small details can have big
impacts on healthcare outcomes”

s Kali Muthu,

Founder, CEO of SK Biomedicals.

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Our Expertise

We are the best in the industry and are not afraid to say it. We provide biomedical services across the country with impeccable medical equipment repair service, and we will continue to do so for a long time. Let’s get started on making your life easier

Medical Equipments

Connected logistics, maintenance, reprocessing, and management services to bridge the gaps within hospital networks and drive savings

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Ability to analyze complex technical information and rectify and implement innovative ideas.

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Repair & Maintenance

Why People Trust Us

We help hospitals and health systems address their challenges. We Provide Most Reliable Service and We Provide Good Customer support. We provide supply chain teams with valuable insights they can use to control costs.

High Quality Equipments

The process that streamlines workflows between patient care, clinical engineering, and supply chains to maximize equipment availability

Our Expertise

We provide supply chain teams with valuable insights they can use to control costs

Precise Result

We offer a full range of clinical engineering services, supplemental support and full outsourced programs

Qualified Staff

We Have an excellent team, They can analyze complex technical information and solve them for you.

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Latest Case Studies

Optimized medical equipment availability with a clinical engineering program that provides coordinated service across your facility 

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They deliver value through our commitment to maintaining and repairing hospital equipment to the highest industry regulation.


SK Biomedicals has gone beyond the expected for 2 years making the lives of countless biomedical simpler in the process let us take care of you and your biomedical equipment repair needs.

“I was Benefitted by their service, They provide you with advanced analytics to forecast services and plan for capital acquisitions.”
Business owner
“They offer a full range of clinical engineering services, supplemental support, and full outsource programs to unburden your biomedical department.”
Business Owner
“They ensure the right equipment is in the right place at the right time. And helps general cost pressures, the rise of consumerism and the rising quality issues related to medical devices.”
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Business Owner

SK Biomedicls Expert Team

We are passionate equipment management experts who believe every interaction has the power to change a life. We’ve built a brand that’s dedicated to optimizing clinical outcomes while relentlessly improving economic outcomes for our customers

S Kalimuthu

Chief executive officer


Service Executive


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We Help to build improvements in both patient experiences and clinician job satisfaction; We are so glad to help you out, Feel free to contact us!

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